Paul Martinson

A very talented musician, programmer & recording engineer. Paul is the structure behind EP and his pop style lends itself very well to our sound. His structured works spring up like glass spires in the tranquil sea of EUROPA PRIME


If Paul is EP's Yang then Meero is Yin. His style is the exact polar opposite of Pauls structure. His free flowing melodies and classical influence add a very human and romantic touch to the EP experience.
MEERO Online

Cameron Hunt

Cameron is really the begining of the whole EP universe, our Big Bang. It was his talent and influence that brought all of us together. His musical style is very experimental and often pushes the envelope of what we can do as a group.

In the summer of 1989 eljase & Cameron Hunt were friends in High school who had many common interests including a love of Space Music. Cameron had recently started working afternoons at a local Elementary school where for one reason or another the Kindergarten teacher had just purchased a $7k Korg T1 workstation. Being a very talented musician Cam would sneak as much time as he could playing on the massive machine while trying to get his work done. It took some coaxing of the Principal of the school but he finally agreed to let the pair use the korg on Saturdays. Recording the time that they spent exploring this seemingly endless machine on an old karaoke machine also in the room. A point of interest to fans will be that "Red Wind" on the BTA cd is one of those early recordings. Skip ahead a few years to 1996. The two had gone their separate ways both getting married and moving on in their professional lives. They kept in touch and often double dated with there spouses. Cameron had begun playing synth for a New Age group focusing on Improvised music for relaxation. They were starting a new project and Cam wanted to get his old friend eljase involved in the production of the project hoping that they could gain an "in" at the studio and be able to work on more of their own music after hours. The work on the new age project was very uninspiring and dragging along when it was suggested that bringing new talent in and finding someone with more of a "pop" background might boost the project. Paul Martinson was an acquaintance of the studio and had just returned home from a two year religious mission. Even with his considerable pop talents the project was getting nowhere fast. Pushed as far as he could bring the project around, eljase was struggling to make the decision to continue or simply quit allowing another producer to try rescuing the now stalled flat work. Over his last weekend before he had decided to announce his resignation eljase had an idea. What if everyone already involved with the new age project switched over and began working on Cameron & eljase's space project. It was an amazingly easy sell and they were off with new charge. The group name was changed to Europa Prime and the project re titled "Beyond the Arch". Things were buzzing along. With Paul's pop talents and Cameron's classically improvised style, tracks were flying to completion. Paul's close friend Matt Bowen, a poet had heard a few of the tracks and began writing poems about them. On the side Paul began recording Matt reading his poetry and adding cool effects to the vocals. Late one night after recording Paul and Matt decided to overlay one of the newly recorded poems onto one of Cameron's newly finished tracks. This started a new angle to the groups style and Matt was in. The groups work was featured at a New Age conference in the Midwest where it was met with quite and outpouring of interest. Professional image consultants were called in and the studio upgraded some key bits of gear with the influx of new capital. The team seemed unstoppable and well on the way toward something great, and as we all know that's usually when trouble starts. It did. The process was taking too long and people were getting anxious. A key musician who has remained unnamed for this telling dropped out and took his tracks with him. Enter Meero. Meero was a very talented musician in his own rite and a key personality in the world of Vangelis fandom. eljase had begun talking back and fourth with him about Vangelis and his own music when it was decided to ask him to join in place of the now missing member. He was in. Over the next few months as tracks were being created to fill the new voids and photo shoots were being met to now include the new lineup, however the band In their inexperience were taking too much time nit picking every detail and the studio began pushing to get back to their brand of music. The "Beyond The Arch" project that almost was… ended. A few fans hung in there, copies of the nearly complete cd were traded around on the internet, and eventually all that remained was this webpage frozen in time.

In June of 2005 eljase decided to make a playlist and listen to melodies he had been gathering in a folder on his computer. Dabbles by the musicians he had saved for the day when they would try again. Next>

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