NEWS >>> 08/17/07

Here is a video set to a vintage EP track titled "Horizon" on YouTube.
Horizon is another track that received such an overwhelming response from
the BTA project, that it will be remade and enhanced
for the new Static album in the near future.

NEWS >>> 05/02/07

The latest sample is here.
Crystalline is a simple and beautiful piece paying homage to one of EP's greatest Influences & Inspirations.

NEWS >>> 11/16/06

Mar de Estrelas
The latest sample is here. Mar de Estrelas celebrates the human spirit of exploration throughout the centuries.

New EP Poetry Blog
Matt has started a blog featuring some of his most recent work as well as
a few of his past works. Check it out here.


NEWS >>> 11/16/06
Mar de Estrelas
celebrates the human spirit of exploration throughout the centuries.
The latest sample is here.
NEWS >>> 08/23/06
Within the Veil - It's an EP staple to make each project oroborous.
This is the Poem for the end of the project to make it complete... or complete again.
Listen here.

Within the Veil

And finally,
the psychostatic moment

the patchwork starscape curtain
is drawn back
on judgment

and eyes can almost depict
the numberless souls
ascending the aurora
like moons

hearts in hand,

A universe's song
about to begin
a new refrain

NEWS >>> 07/21/06
Matt Visits Prime Studios - On Thurs. July 13th
Matt flew in to re-record his first poem at our new bit rate and also recorded two aditional pieces for the project. Samples here soon.

Erosene Winds Sampler
- A vintage EP sound by Paul has begun, click here.

..NEWS >>> 06/16/06

GuestBook - The GuestBook is now active, drop us or other EP fans a message.

New track begins - Paul has started work on "Erosene Winds", Stay tuned for updates and samples.

..NEWS >>> 06/01/06
Computer...Hello...Computer - Well if it was going to happen, 3 tracks in is as good a time as any for the main computer to crash... right? So we did what we do, and threw a large sum of money at the problem. Solved. However we are going to have to revisit the three finished tracks sometime in the future and re-record them at our new higher bit rate of 192K.
We're back at it.
..NEWS >>> 05/12/06

Another eljase demo pic.
This one is getting closer to
the colors we want for the final
CD art...
..NEWS >>> 02/02/06 Sample

We are hard at work on our second effort now, and work for track one on the CD titled "Breathing Universe " has begun. The poem is by Matt and the melody was written by Meero. It is still in the arrangement stage by Paul and is giving us a chance as a group to hear what the whole project will in the end embody.


Spiritus mundi: the breathing universe
ending her exhale
the sheer wonderment of gods
and of angels
breathless in their chairs—
their peaceable gaze
and gasps
that await her intake

at the static moment? yes,
but what kind of debris strewn across the kosmos’ vastness?

divine debris:
singularities and starstones,
pulsars, elastic thoughts,
lost chords, abandoned melodies,
purple nebulae,
and whatever’s within the veil

M. Bowe

..NEWS >>> 01/16/06 Sample
The first track has been completed & mastered Titled "Non Solus".
Non Solus is based on a track from our first cd beautifully written & composed by Paul. After many coments about how beautiful it was and complaints that it appeared for such a brief moment on that project it was decided that it would be a great way to bridge the two projects and give Paul a chance to extend it and really make it shine.

..NEWS >>> 12/27/05  
Coming Soon Teaser

<< Right Click in the black area and choose "Play"





..NEWS >>> 08/12/05  

eljase has created demo artwork for the beginnings of the color theme. This will give us something to use on demo audio files.
..NEWS >>> 06/17/05  

The Static Event Project Begins.

I have been gathering melodies from the musicians over the past five years in a folder on my computer. Today I decided to pull them all together for the first time into one playlist to listen to what I had gathered. I was overwhelmed. The project sprang to life, I could hear what would be the beginnings of what needed to be created. I contacted each artist one at a time and explained my epiphany.

With all onboard we begin. - eljase 06/17/05


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